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Aging is unavoidable;
Looking your age is optional! "

Let’s face it; aging is one of those things in life that comes our way no matter how hard we try to avoid it. But more important is what we decide to do about it.


Let’s face it, aging is one of those things in life that comes our way no matter how hard we try to avoid it. As a woman who’s 35 or even older, then you’re probably starting to notice specific signs of aging already.
But one of THE biggest contributors to dark circles under the eyes is AGING. As we become older, the skin around our eyes becomes even thinner due to the loss of fat and collagen. The thinner the skin, the more the bluish vessels under the eyes become more visible.

Now, thanks to Refresh Botanicals Premium Natural & Organic Eye Serum, you have access to a skin care product that only uses natural and organic ingredients that are aimed at helping reduce those dark circles around the eyes. The unique ingredients found in our exclusive Eye Serum are not only natural and safe for your own skin, but they also contain Bioactives and offer the amazing benefits of antiaging and antiwrinkle properties.

Key Benefits


Fig Extract offers a wide-range of amazing benefits. It’s not only a very potent antioxidant and free- radical scavenger that’s rich in key flavonoids (including anthocyanins – which are the pigments that give purple, red and blue plants their rich color), but it works wonders on the skin. It not only softens and soothes irritate skin, but it can also help reduce skin discoloration as well (like aging dark circles under the eyes).
Rice is not only one of the most valued sources of nutrients for the human body, but it also offers fantastic benefits for your skin as well in a gentle way. Hydrolyzed Rice Protein is a highly effective anti-irritant, increases moisture retention (to keep skin more hydrated and elastic) and it contains both anionic and cationic amino acids. This helps keep your skin both smooth, supple and helps ward off the aging process.
As we age, the levels of Sodium Hyaluronate tend to become less and less in our skin biology. This ingredient is what gives young people that youthful glow and radiance. Thanks to the small molecular size of this type of salt, it not only can easily penetrate deeply within the skin, but it can retain large amounts of water as well (up to 1000x its own weight!). By adding Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate back into your own skin, it can help restore that youthful glow, and also improve the overall look and health of your skin at the same time.
Kakadu Plum is one of the most vital and important ingredients in our exclusive eye serum. This specific type of plum (also known as Gurumal, Gubinge, Billygoat Plum or Murunga) is extremely high in Vitamin C. In fact, it contains more Vitamin C than oranges and kiwi. Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant that is widely known to slow down the aging process and helps stimulate collagen production (which helps remove fine lines, skin wrinkles an even scars). The Kakadu Plum is loaded with phytochemicals as well including Gallic and Ellagic acids. These provide anti- inflammatory, and anti-mutagenic effects that help keep skin youthful, radiant and healthy.
This unique extract from both red and sugar Maple Tree leaves has been show to not only possibly prevent wrinkles in the skin, but also act like “Natural Botox”. New research is beginning to show that Maple Bark Extract may help to treat and prevent wrinkles thanks to the blocking effect it has on Elastase. Elastase is a specific enzyme that breaks down elastin as you age. This breakdown is a key factor that causes skin wrinkles.
Black Tea Extract is considered a “Miracle Worker” for beautiful skin. It’s contains high levels of polyphenols which are natural antioxidants that not only fight and neutralize free radicals, but also promotes longevity. This can help with clearing up skin conditions like acne, while also helping to reduce skin puffiness and the effects of aging.
Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years across the globe in numerous cultures, and for good reason. This healing plant is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins A and C, and also contains high levels of anti-inflammatory properties as well. It can not only provide a protective layer for skin, but this layer also allows moisture to be retained, while at the same time, speeding up the healing process.
What makes Panthenol so great is its unique ability to attract and hold onto moisture. This is essential when you want to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Panthenol also has great healing properties as well (especially for wounds) and has been shown to reduce inflammation as well as itching and skin roughness.

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